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From Vine to Victory: Aussie Wine Group’s Perfect Pitch Triumph’s at ‘Pitch-to-Paddock’


The Agtech Angel Investor Network (AAIN) proudly announces Aussie Wine Group (AWG) as the winner of its inaugural ‘Pitch to Paddock’ event held at the AgSmart Expo in Bendigo, Victoria on September 7, 2023. AWG secured the coveted $10,000 prize by pitching for success.

Aussie Wine Group (AWG), a Australian family-owned business dedicated to revolutionising grape harvesting and quality. The award-winning presentation, led by AWG’s Production Manager and Technical Designer, Zac Vilis, was one of five AgTech startups pitching at the event, which drew a huge crowd of angel investors, farmers and other interested parties including local school students. 

AWG is at the forefront of innovation in the viticulture industry, specialising in the design and development of advanced grape sorting systems. These systems are engineered to seamlessly integrate with any harvester and adapt to the unique needs of vineyards across Australia. The primary goal of AWG’s technology is to enhance the quality of grapes delivered to wineries by significantly reducing the presence of matter other than grape (MOG) during the harvesting process.

AWG’s grape sorters have become the cornerstone of sustainable vineyard practices, as they effectively convert MOG into organic matter during harvest, eliminating the need for costly transportation and processing at the winery. This approach not only enhances grape quality but also contributes to a more environmentally responsible winemaking process.

The AgTech Angel Investor Network’s ‘Pitch to Paddock’ event serves as a vital platform for bridging the gap between AgTech innovators and industry stakeholders. By connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors and customers, this initiative aims to catalyse the growth of innovative solutions within the agriculture and viticulture sectors.

Aussie Wine Group’s remarkable win at the ‘Pitch to Paddock’ event showcases the company’s commitment to revolutionising the wine industry while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability. This recognition reinforces AWG’s position as a leader in the field and opens new doors for partnerships and investments that will further drive innovation in grape harvesting and winemaking.

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