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The AgTech Angel Investor Network partners with Australia’s largest agrifood technology ecosystem, Farmer2Founders


The AgTech Angel Investor Network (AAIN) is proudly stepping into the forefront of agrifood innovation, poised to create a prosperous and sustainable future for the agricultural landscape. With a resolute commitment to fostering growth and transformation, AgTech Angels is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Farmers2Founders, a visionary initiative dedicated to fueling the next generation of change-makers within the agrifood sector.

As a network of seasoned angel investors, AgTech Angels brings together a collective of experienced professionals with profound knowledge and insight into both the agriculture and technology domains. This unique blend of expertise allows AgTech Angels to make informed investment decisions that not only drive financial returns but also amplify innovation and progress within the agrifood industry.

‘At AgTech Angels, our mission transcends investment; we are dedicated to catalyzing change, fostering sustainable practices, and propelling technological breakthroughs that will shape the future of agriculture,’ said Sam Almaliki, Founder & Facilitator of the AgTech Angel Investor Network. ‘Our partnership with Farmers2Founders aligns seamlessly with this vision, as together, we embark on a journey to back emerging innovators and cultivate a culture of transformative change.’

One of the cornerstones of AgTech Angels’ philosophy is the power of diversity. Our portfolio is a testament to the belief in the potential of diverse perspectives, comprising startups led by founders from a range of backgrounds. This approach not only addresses the multifaceted challenges within agriculture but also ensures that the solutions developed are holistic and inclusive, reflective of the broader needs of the agricultural community.

The partnership between AgTech Angels and Farmers2Founders marks a pivotal moment in the agrifood landscape. Farmers2Founders, Australia’s largest agrifood pathway, is renowned for nurturing the next generation of leaders who will reshape the future of agriculture. With a shared vision, this collaboration seeks to amplify the impact of both entities, creating a ripple effect of innovation and positive change across the agrifood spectrum.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Agtech Angels to harness the synergy of our collective efforts. Together, we are positioned to unleash the potential of agrifood startups, accelerate groundbreaking ideas, and facilitate an ecosystem where innovation thrives,” added Dr. Christine Pitt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Farmers2Founders.

As AgTech Angel Investor Network (AAIN) and Farmers2Founders combine their strengths, they are setting an inspiring precedent in the agrifood industry. This partnership is about nurturing a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth that will shape the very foundation of agriculture for generations to come.

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